Beasts of Dream (The Saga of Lashim) Andrew Linke



Kindle Edition

40 pages


Beasts of Dream (The Saga of Lashim)  by  Andrew Linke

Beasts of Dream (The Saga of Lashim) by Andrew Linke
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 40 pages | ISBN: | 8.22 Mb

All is within Dream.In a world where beasts escaped from nightmares stalk the land, Ída Saltach is one of the few who can safely enter the realm of Dream without unleashing further terrors. When she is attacked by a horrific creature that has lurked in the depths of her dreams since childhood, Ída fears that she will be forced to surrender her life as a dreamer. Then her mentor offers her an opportunity to continue her service, but in a way that violates everything she had believed about the nature of her powers...I will become the dreamer.Begin your journey into The Saga of Lashim, an ongoing speculative fiction epic that spans over 40,000 years of history, from the birth of the dragon gods to the colonization of the stars.

Beasts of Dream begins the tale of Ída Saltach and her daughter Aisling, who will one day grow to become a pivotal figure in the second age of the world.

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