Propheticus: The Mangitori de Sangue (Volume 1) Emma Daley



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282 pages


Propheticus: The Mangitori de Sangue (Volume 1)  by  Emma Daley

Propheticus: The Mangitori de Sangue (Volume 1) by Emma Daley
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 282 pages | ISBN: | 10.26 Mb

It kept me wanting more. I was shocked to find out that the book was nothing like the description. I just loved it and was surprised.You will have more questions that one can handle once you finish the book. The best part of the book is that you don’t have any foresight into what is going to happen so you find yourself waiting to see what going to happen next rather than ‘when is it going to get to the point’.All the characters were very closed. They didn’t let on much about themselves.

Aniah was a strong character that found it hard to deal with being emotional as it was a new thing to Aniah. Now Aniah probably would have not experienced being overly emotional if she and her mother found Novell.Yes there was a love story but this love story was very relatable and not overly exaggerated like so many love stories are.

There was also just as much mystery to keep one wanting more.Over half the story is very story telling, story telling into characters past adventures and memories. The story was switching from one point of view to another and I wasn‘t annoyed.Get ready for Propheticus because once you gather answers you will be hit with double the amount of new questions.I can’t wait recommend this book to everyone I know. Emma Daley is such a talented writer.-Just keep an eye out for that dark shadow that watches you from afar.-

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