Tao of the Mind Joseph Dowdy


Published: 2011


107 pages


Tao of the Mind  by  Joseph Dowdy

Tao of the Mind by Joseph Dowdy
2011 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 107 pages | ISBN: | 5.45 Mb

Often times, we think we know who we are, but we dont realize that it is our mind that says who we are. We are rarely ever aware that the process of staying who we are is unreliable, malleable and is misguided often enough that it will shock you. The mind creates its own autonomy and we were not given the tools to interrupt it when we need to.If you could discover and unravel the most important mysteries of seeing your mind for what it is, what is important to it, and many things about the mind youve never considered, you will be free in new ways.You will learn how the mind plays tricks and, more importantly, why.

This book will be useful to anyone who wants to be happier, find more fulfillment, kick dirty habits or get rid of any kind of behavior.This book will give you another way of seeing things such as comfort, addiction, identity and selective memory.The last chapter of this book gives you a simple and powerful tool to snap out of any funk, mood or numbness you may ever encounter.

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